I am a flower of the rising sun, floating from the Pacific Ocean to the banks of the Seine, light as the wind in an asymmetric current.

I wear a man's jacket that is much too big, but it sticks to my skin and makes me a Yoji woman. This woman is a tribute to the Japanese designer who worked so hard to bring the soul and the so feminine materials all over the world.

I quilt, I wrap myself up, I relax in these noble substances of cotton and silk, of linen, of black and white, poppy flower which blooms in the shade of a cherry tree.
I am Yoji and pretty, I am Laurence Bras and free like the air floating above Mount Fuji. 

I am in Paris as I was in Tokyo, amply dressed for this well-lived adventure. Dressed, but taller than ever, without being cold in the eyes. All in shades, I advance towards you like a dragon, to bewitch you with my disarming smile. 

I am Yoji, I am all women Laurence Bras.